Little Things That Make A Big Difference

22 Jun

 Old men can make war, but it is children who will make history. – Ray Merritt

During the lead up to a birthday everyone can think of dozens of presents they wouldn’t mind getting. Rachel Beckwith only wanted one thing, for her family and friends to make donations to a non profit organisation which supplies clean water to developing countries. Rachel raised $220 at her birthday party, just $80 short of her goal. She was a little girl, inspired by her local church to help those less fortunate than herself. Later that year Rachel was killed in a 14 car pileup, since then more than $1,000,000,000 has been raised in her name.  

Every child has someone that they look up to in their life, for Sam Maden it was his Uncle Chris. After his uncle was killed in a mudslide whilst overseas Sam was inspired by his teacher who told him of a story of a 35 year old accountant who approached the New York Giants about making an ‘It Gets Better’ video. 12 year old Sam was passionate about his cause to stop homophobia and gay bullying and got 9420 people to sign his petition. He sent this petition to the Boston Red Sox who later became the third team to join the campaign. This is Sam’s video.

At the age of 10 years old most children are focussed on playing soccer and video games, right? Well at the age of 10 Anthony D Leanna started up the Heavenly Hats Foundation and since then has collected donations of more than 50,000 brand new hats which are estimated to be worth a total of almost $1,000,000,000. Inspired by his Grandmother who was battling breast cancer when he was growing up, Anthony donates these hats to cancer Patients who lose their hair. Because of their already low immune systems, Anthony travels around to inspect and collect only brand new hats to boost the confidence of those who need it.

When I was a 5 year old little girl I was excited about my first year of ‘big school’ I was egocentric and didn’t really have others on my mind. When Winter Vinecki was 5 years old, she was competing in her first triathlon. Winter wanted to raise money for obese young people, but her father was later diagnosed with prostate cancer and this soon became the cause she was most passionate about. Not long after her father had died she started Team Winter which was a movement where hundreds of athletes would compete to raise money for prostate cancer wearing blue ribbons. Winter is the youngest person to complete a full marathon on every continent and has raised more than $300,000 for her cause, totalling $290,000 more than her original goal.

Never underestimate the potential or capabilities of something small.


Creative Assignment #1- Logical Fallacies

2 Jun

The internet is NOT killing newspapers, and if it is they are only doing it to themselves.

Why should the internet be to blame for newspapers being rubbish when it’s the people’s choice whether they want the convenience of a website over a big old scaffold newspaper that really will wind up in the recycling bin anyway?

 It is people like Rupert Murdoch, the big man himself that is killing newspapers! After his phone hacking scandal how can anyone trust him? What will he be scheming next? Prank calling us for the fun of it or hacking into our bank accounts?

How can people realistically believe that the internet is at fault when it’s clearly the newspapers that make their own websites? If they were really that concerned about their newspaper sales they shouldn’t be publishing the articles online in the first place.

Newspapers or the internet, it is really that simple. When the time of year comes around for State of Origin you choose to support New South Wales or Queensland you can’t get behind both. As with the footy though, it’s natural that only a percentage of people make the clearly superior choice.

What was that? Dinosaurs still exist! We don’t live in the Stone Age anymore Grandpa! Just because Kim Kardashian makes the tabloids, she wouldn’t be caught dead with one in her hand! Everyone who is anyone reads the latest scoop, or hears about current events on their iPad or Blackberry.

Although some newspapers are still popular has anyone noticed that Women’s Day is too? Who is to say that the information isn’t coming from the same sources?

If you still choose to buy a newspaper after that, you’re just stupid.




Before I started this unit on blogging I was unaware of what a logical fallacy was. When people used them I just thought they looked stupid and dragged their comments out to the extent that they would end up contradicting themselves. Because I was unfamiliar with properly using logical fallacies, and that there were in fact so many distinct types to use. The copy of Aaron’s rant on The Avengers really helped with this assignment as well as a lot of typical teenage Facebook comments.

Throughout my post I used different logical fallacies including loaded questions, red herring, ad hominem, black or white, slippery slope, bandwagon and appeal to authority.

The opinion that I formed sends mixed messages. I started off by saying I didn’t think that the internet was killing newspapers, but followed that by pushing my opinion onto the reader that the internet is in fact superior. Normally I wouldn’t write a piece like this, because in my opinion it is ridiculous to read and makes little to no sense. I didn’t have a specific target audience but I think that internet ‘trolls’ would probably have the most fun with it.